The hub of any production facility is its production engineering department

At PSL, production engineers are available to generate all aspects of the process paperwork, and tooling ensuring that the highest levels of quality and on-time delivery are met whilst endeavouring to maintain minimum cost.

We have the ability to generate all the process tools required for a wide range of customer needs from purely commercial to military applications, and our production engineering expertise ensures a fast but controlled response to both long and short term customer requirements.

Efficient tooling makes for efficient shopfloor processes and optimum product quality.

Design for Manufacture

The engineering staff at PSL can review existing or new products to optimize the production process, which in turn provides our customers with the most cost effective solution to their manufacturing needs.

Company personnel can convert existing through-hole assemblies into more state-of-the-art surface mount technology, again providing significant savings both in terms of cost and lead-time.

Irrespective of complexity, PSL can transform your new ideas into a cost effective addition to your product range. Is your product as easy to manufacture as the competitions? Here too we can help. Customer products can be assessed in term of ease of manufacture and recommendations made to ensure that all production activities are optimised.

Ease of manufacture goes hand in hand with fast reaction times and on time delivery. Small changes in layout or design can save you time and money by simplifying and speeding up the assembly process. PSL are experts at making these recommendations for our customers' advantage.

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