Controlled Storage

Controlled Storage

At PSL we have a 5,000 sq ft bonded storage facility, complete with all the processes required by cutting edge Electronic Assembly.

We have a moisture control area to cope with the millions of customer-supplied LEDs awaiting assembly. We also have two large baking ovens and a vacuum sealer for any moisture sensitive devices. Our stores personnel are fully trained in component moisture sensitivity levels and keep records of time and temperatures that the components stored if required.

Understanding the problems that may occur to components and having adequate procedures in place to stop them happening results in very high levels of first time pass rates on products tested at PSL or by the end customer.

All material is booked in using the customer-supplied BOM and any issues are passed on to the production manager where they can be resolved very quickly. This ensures the end customer always gets the quality products that they are expecting. Any shortages are identified and a shortage log is generated. This enables the production manager to liaise with the supplier or customer and to keep them updated on the production of their builds.

Free issued material is also controlled in this facility and customers are given their own locations where the stock is controlled by the use of our Dropbox system. This allows remote access to the stock levels by the customer. Also, any returned kits are booked out and a record kept of the quantities returned to the customer.

We are very conscious of the costs of materials, and do all we can to make sure that once the material is here it is stored and handled within the correct parameters for the type of component that is to be stored.

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