BGA Replacement

BGA Replacement

More and more design teams are taking advantage of the integration of function and reduced space requirement afforded by BGA packages. To this end, PSL can now offer a BGA placement and upgrade service for those customers who require this facility.

Using a PDR rework station PSL can now place, or replace, all forms of BGA footprint devices. The system ensures that both correct temperatures and eutectic curves are met when dealing with what can be expensive prototype or production parts.

BGA Inspection
Once placement or rework has been carried out, PSL can then use its Ersascope inspection station to review the solder joints beneath the devices to ensure that the correct alignment and 'double drop' profiles are apparent in all cases.

The placement and inspection processes ensure, when used in tandem, that the customer can be assured of optimum quality and reliability in their products at all times.

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