As a further aid to continuous quality improvement, PSL has added two Automatic Optical Inspection systems to its already impressive arsenal of equipment.

XY Data from any of the SMD placement machines can be fed to the AOI station and then used as a basis for a high speed SAKI BF-Voyager optical scan of the PCB assembly under review.

With its comprehensive, multi-level lighting and camera system, the MIRTEC can perform a wide range of inspection tasks with far greater levels of accuracy, speed and consistency than even the best human inspector.

Areas covered by the MIRTEC include:

  • s/c detection
  • dry joint/open circuit detection
  • text recognition and hence component value/identity checks
  • polarity/rotational checks
  • component omission and placement accuracy checks

Because of the link to the surface mount assembly process, the AOI station can be almost instantaneously up to speed and on line, checking production of new products.

Customers requiring verification of products that have not been through the SMD process can be accommodated, providing XY data for the assembly is available.

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